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DOB 5/6/92. an investment analysis student in UITM Dungun Terengganu. i hate catching up,things are moving too fast nowdays.i'd prefer to live in my own constant world:)


bile dah datang melawat blog saye ni,tinggalkan lah jejak anda dengan mengkomen entry saye ye:)


you reminded me how much i hate yesterday

mmg dah fitrah manusia utk alpa. walaupun niat seseorg tu murni pd awal tp akhirnya bertukar jugak. i know that i cant totally blame him for falling for someone else. cause i know that im kindda an ass sometimes. but its not a reason to lie , break my heart&&literally destroy my life. i know. i know. my lil story is same like any other stories that u all had heard. u have the heart to say that cause u dont know what it feels like to loose someone that u really like & somehow he's changed&u dont know him anymore.

aku rase kesian and sedih sgt for girls yg penah kene the same thing mcm aku. aku tak kan biar kan life aku hancur just because of some boy left me. no way. jantan mcm tu blh pergi mampus dgn life die yg pathetic kan? :)

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