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DOB 5/6/92. an investment analysis student in UITM Dungun Terengganu. i hate catching up,things are moving too fast nowdays.i'd prefer to live in my own constant world:)


bile dah datang melawat blog saye ni,tinggalkan lah jejak anda dengan mengkomen entry saye ye:)


fuck.fuck.fuck.fuck.fuck.shit.pissed off.get it???!!!

u have no idea how pissed off i am.the one reason i didnt maki hamun u is i didnt want us fight like before.well here it is again.AGAIN.i cried like pukimak till my anger drained.i cried because i cant fucking do anything.i cried because afraid u'd accuse me "buat hal"&&u'll try to leave me like before.god damn get it??!! have i been patient enough for u darling??! regret regret regret regret.regret waiting for this shitty ass stupid day.i should've know this would happen.i should be at school rite now.laughing with my friends instead,now i'm crying like a loser waiting for NOTHING! &another thing darling.dont blame me for being so pissed off cause i fucking should be!thank god i still love our relationship cause if i dont,i would be acting like a bitch at u rite now.
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