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DOB 5/6/92. an investment analysis student in UITM Dungun Terengganu. i hate catching up,things are moving too fast nowdays.i'd prefer to live in my own constant world:)


bile dah datang melawat blog saye ni,tinggalkan lah jejak anda dengan mengkomen entry saye ye:)


forgot my locker key

woke up at 5.30am cause its raining and my mom insist of me going to school with my dad.brush my teath,get dressed(hate&didnt take a morning shower.haha) ofcourse,i didnt forget to text him 'away to schooll.love u'.theres a missed call from an annonymus number.who ever that fakker is.anyway,last night i dreamt i lost him forever then i woke up in panic.so i try to call him just to make sure. then bla.bla.bla... as i arrive to scholl,i realize i forgot to take my locker key that happens to be attached with my motorcycle key with me.thank god theres nothing much going on at schooll.
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