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DOB 5/6/92. an investment analysis student in UITM Dungun Terengganu. i hate catching up,things are moving too fast nowdays.i'd prefer to live in my own constant world:)


bile dah datang melawat blog saye ni,tinggalkan lah jejak anda dengan mengkomen entry saye ye:)


darling,you are the only exception

me and my' life long partner to be' have been together for over two years now. thinking back all of those little things that we argue for are so not worth it for this wonderful journey that we've been through together. remembering all of the bad times together made me realize that he really mean it when he says that he want to spend his whole life with me. i know,super sure that no matter how bad our argument is,it'll always be my fault because he'll never do such thing to me. harap harap la kan :p

anyway,enjoy this video! :)

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