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micro quiz besok lahh

Production Possibilities Curve (PPC)
used to explain the basic econimic concepts of scarcity,choice,opportunity cost.

Factors that influence the shift of PPC
*economic growth
*improvement in technology

there's three shape of PPC

economic systems is divided into three things

+freedom of enterprise&choice
+consumers sovereignty
+minimum goverment intervention
+price system

+economic freedom
+auto incentives
+efficient utilization of resource

+social cost
+missallocation of resource


+public ownership of resources
+central planning authority
+central control&ownership

+social welfare
+better allocationof resource
+rapid economic development

+lack of incentives&initiatives by individual
+absence of competition
+waste of economic resource

*mixed economy

+public&private ownership of resources
+goverment helps to control income disparity
goverment intervention in the economy

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