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DOB 5/6/92. an investment analysis student in UITM Dungun Terengganu. i hate catching up,things are moving too fast nowdays.i'd prefer to live in my own constant world:)


bile dah datang melawat blog saye ni,tinggalkan lah jejak anda dengan mengkomen entry saye ye:)


2010 :)

happy new year happy new year to all :) well, i've spent my new year night with Faez lahh kot at The curve. its not that i'm not happy about us&&our first time celebrating something together. it's just i'm a bit sad thinking that i've been bouncing from a boy to another every year. i hope that he's the last one. i hope he'll still be with me celebrating the next 50-70 new years. anyway, it was damn packed at The curve. i can bearly breath with those soapy snow thing sprayed everywhere. kindda anoyyed, but still kindda fun. then we head back to kj to shisha till 6am. i have to head home early cause i have to go to work at 3pm. yup.it was exhausting. but puas hati.
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