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final destination 4

just got back from KLCC.its kindda late,i know. time flies soo damn fast when ever im with him. we're supposed too break our fast together but unfortunately my pantat berdarah plak this morning.haha. cant i be more polite?haha. woke up at 10.30am&was expecting to reach KLCC atleast around 11am.then,my scooter wont start,betri abes lah kot. so,im gonna be late again lahh.haha. have to wait for my dad to pick me up&drop me at the KTM station. again,im late. but thank God the train arrived just when i reached the platform. then met him in KL sentral&on our way to KLCC:) i wanted to watch the finaldestination4 so alang2 i pun belanje die sekali. its the least i could do lah kan.

btw,theres this girl lah kan.she kept calling&texting my gayboy. the thing is,she kept texting&asking if my gaby is going to call her or not.all day! &&she kept texting him about the same thing over&over eventhough he didnt reply any of her msgs. she texted him a few times. but kteorg wat bdo je. then she fucking call him. so ofcourse lah i yg angkat,shes such a stupid bitch. even when i,the gf,picks up the phone,she still wanted to talk to zul as if i wouldnt mind.&ofcourse i lied&told her that my bf was kononnye dlm toilet. thinking that she could figure things out herself,then i was completely wrong.she really is stupid. she calls him again a few hours later. he accidently pick up the phone,so suke lah ppuan tuh dpt ckp dgn bf aku lah kan.haha. can u imagine,she knows that we're in a middle of a date&&she still wants to talk to him.she said that shed call him when he got back. huhh,stupid stupid hoe. wtv lahh.

after having dinner with him,we walked&talked,alot.haha. masing masing kuat berckp lah kan.haha. then its already 10pm. uhh,knp cpt sgt?? wish i could spend the whole night with him lahh.tp pkir aku nek train en.haha. susah plak nk balek,haha. then,she texted him,AGAIN. ppuan nih mmg tak phm phm lah. she said,u can call me if u want too.bapak die botak hitam tol. thats when i've really lost my patience&i swear,if she calls him again,then i'll fucking give a damn piece of my mind till she understands that my bf is not freakin' interested in her.fucking get it? shes lucky that she didnt call him tonight,or else. haha. aku tak ske kot:DD

we've kissed goodbye&i rushed to the KTM plak. fuhh,thank God too cause its not packed like last time. happy,happy,happy day:)) then i texted bubui to pick me up at the KTM kajang then weeee sampai lah aku kat umh dgn gumbiranye. thnx lah bui,thank to God too. giving me a chance to spent my time with someone thats totally worth everything.

*sorry for the insults,i just cant help myself:)
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